Earth Threads at The Sunbury Embroidery Gallery, 23 April to 23 June 2024

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12-Feb-2024 12:31

My tapestry, Rare Earth - Raw Earth, is showing in the Earth Threads touring exhibition which opens at the Sunbury Embroidery Gallery, Sunbury-on-Thames on 23 April 2024 and runs until 23 June 2024.

Earth Threads is the sixth biennial exhibition of the British Tapestry Group (BTG) South East Region. 

The Sunbury Embroidery Gallery is open from 10.30 to 4.00pm (closed Mondays) and entry is free.
The Sunbury Gallery,
The Walled Garden,
Sunbury-on-Thames TW16 6AB
For directions, see The Sunbury Embroidery Gallery Website.

The Earth Threads exhibition was displayed at Whitchurch Silk Mill, Hampshire from 9 September 2023 until 28 November 2023.

The natural world provides a great source of visual beauty and variety which we can celebrate. It is also challenged by climate change, pollution, and the loss of biodiversity. The theme leads to many different viewpoints and each weaver interprets the theme in their own way.  As a medium, woven tapestry provides an extensive toolbox of materials and techniques. Natural materials such as silk, nettle, linen, cotton, and wool are available in many different colours and thicknesses. Recycled or reclaimed items and other materials such as paper, wire, fishing line and lurex can also be used. These materials can both surprise and challenge the viewer.

The exhibition aims to excite and educate both the weaver and the visitor to what is achievable in woven tapestry using original designs, colours, materials, and techniques. Woven tapestries can be both beautiful and thought-provoking, expressing the direct beauty of nature or the challenges of climate change. This exhibition is a showcase of diverse and original tapestry weavings that respect the heritage and traditions of tapestry weaving and celebrate the joy of weaving to the theme of Earth Threads.

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