Online Exhibitions 2020 Available Now

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22-May-2020 14:20

Despite the disappointment of some 2020 exhibitions being cancelled or posponed you can view my tapestries in these online exhibitions:

The Tapestry Touring International:  All Things Bright and Beautiful


The British Tapestry Group and the  American Tapestry Alliance: BTG/ATA  Applauds the World

All Things Bright and Beautiful
Tapestry Touring International (created and managed by Jane Freear-Wyld and Lindsey Marshall) has a new online exhibition. This exhibition features work from weavers in the UK, Canada, Australia and America.The theme celebrates all we have to be thankful for, and despite all that is going on around us, we still have so much colour in our lives. Many of the weavers exhibited in the previous TTI exhibitions Elements and Interface.  All exhibits are small tapestries of maximum size 25 x 25 cm.

My contribution is a recently completed a tapestry for a friend’s birthday called “Black House Sunset 2”. It is a favourite view across Christchurch harbour to the Black House, which reflects the evening light.

British Tapestry Group and the American Tapestry Alliance  Applauds the World
The British Tapestry Group (BTG) - of which I am a member, has joined with the American Tapestry Alliance (ATA), to create a joint initiative to applaud the world. In these difficult times we would like to reach out to weavers across the world to applaud and give our thanks to the medical professions, the ancillary workers and the ordinary people who are working to keep us, the people, fed and healthy and a message to other weavers that we are all in this together, united, hand in hand. The tapestries are also posted on social media. I included a weaving from my Gaia dance series that seemed appropriate. It is called Gaia Dance Blue. I also included Black House Sunset 2.

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